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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review A Matcha Yogurt Smoothie is aswesome! You can make it exactly to your very own liking in yogurt flavor, Matcha strength and smoothie thickness and texture, you can even make it vegan!
All you need is:
1. Matcha
2. Yogurt (Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry, Strawberry, or a mix of more than One flavor etc.)
3. Milk (Your favorite, whole & 2% will be thicker while 1% and skim will be thinner. You can go vegan and use Soy Milk, which is a bit thick also, or even Coconut Milk.)
4. Ice (Or you can leave this out if you don't want that icy cold texture.)
You can try various mixes of those few ingredients, such as just using Matcha & Yogurt and leaving everything else out to get a creamy thick and cool smoothie! It all depends on what you'd like!)
This is EXTREMELY EASY to make, too. And FAST.
How to make-
1. Simply use your Blender to grind and blend down the Ice, if you want a Frozen Smoothie.
2. Using an electric Hamilton Beach Drink Master (That is what I have been using with great results, but you can use another brand.) --OR-- Use a metal whisk in a Large Chilled Bowl to manually whisk your chosen Matcha Yogurt Smoothie as fast and smooth as you can, to your desired texture andd taste.
A Tip I have is to sift the Matcha into either the Milk, Yogurt, or Ice, and be sure it is blended well so you don't accidentally have any spillage or if using the electric Smoothie Maker a green cloud of wasted Matcha Powder does not fly up!
Also, you can use this in your cereals instead of just plain milk. Green Tea makes EVERYTHING BETTER! :)
I hope you guys like these! The latest Matcha Pudding looks yummy so I think I may try that soon.
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Date August 21, 2012

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