Iced Japanese Tea Using Teabags

(For Iced Tea Using Teabags, we highly recommend "Teabag Gyokuro", "Teabag Sencha", "Teabag Organic Sencha", "Teabag Genmaicha Matcha-iri", and "Teabag Houjicha". You can order "Teabag Gyokuro" by clicking the In Cart button below.)

(NOTE) This page is NOT for order page, but only to share a recipe.

For Iced Tea Using Teabags, we highly recommend using our Teabag Gyokuro, Teabag Sencha, Teabag Organic Sencha, Teabag Genmaicha Matcha-iri and Teabag Houjicha.

If you have neither Kyusu nor teapot with a fine mesh filter, it is easy and convenient to prepare iced Japanese tea using Hibiki-an Teabags. Using our tea bags, you can prepare iced Japanese tea as explained in each iced tea recipe, Iced Gyokuro, Iced Sencha, or Iced Houjicha. Each individual tea bag from Hibiki-an contains 5 grams of tea leaves. Also, if you use Hibiki-an Teabags, you can prepare iced Japanese tea in a canteen or water bottle and bring it along to the office, the beach, or anywhere!

(Preparing Iced Japanese Tea in Canteen)
- Place 1 to 3 individual tea bags into a canteen, depending on the size of the canteen (1 tea bag per 250 or 400ml (8.8 or 14.08fl oz) of water).
- Fill the canteen with water and pieces of ice.
- It will finish brewing in 3 to 6 hours.

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