Iced Japanese Tea Using Teabags


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Author Karen Ruuska   (United States)
Review My first order of Organic Sencha arrived. I used these beautiful delicate bags to make ice tea.

Refreshing, delicious, and thirst quenching in this hot 102 temperature in Las Vegas, Nevada!

It was simply the best ice tea I have ever enjoyed. I would highly recommend the quality and flavor of this green tea to all. Don't change a thing!

And that's not all, I put the used teabags in the fridge overnight. Due to very low humidity here, my eyes get very dry and burn. I put the cool teabags on my eyes for about 6 or 7 minutes and got instant relief! The best eye drops have not been able to do this!

I have much gratitude for your efforts and technique in producing such a high quality organic green tea.

With Appreciation,
Karen Ruuska
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Date July 14, 2009

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