Shipping & Returns

Hibiki-an ships worldwide directly from Uji in Kyoto, Japan.

Cost of Shipping

Our shipping fees are the same worldwide.

FREE international shipping on all orders of US$36.00 or more.
For orders less than US$36, we charge by weight using the following rates (rates are the same worldwide):

100g (3.53oz) --- US$3.50 800g (26.24oz) --- US$17.60
200g (7.06oz) --- US$5.70 900g (31.77oz) --- US$19.50
300g (10.59oz) --- US$7.60 1000g (35.27oz) --- US$22.80
400g (14.12oz) --- US$9.60 1200g (42.36oz) --- US$23.10
500g (17.65oz) --- US$11.60 1400g (49.42oz) --- US$25.60
600g (21.18oz) --- US$13.60 1700g (60.01oz) --- US$28.10
700g (24.71oz) --- US$15.60 1900g (67.07oz) --- US$30.60

Delivery time (Standard International)

Once you order, the merchandise will usually reach you in 7 to 12 days from Kyoto, Japan. The delivery time is different for each destination, depending on the postal service and customs conditions in each country.
In the rare case that customs checks the shipment, the package will likely need an additional week to reach its destination. Also please note that postal delivery service is especially congested at the end of the year around Christmas and New Years.
Therefore we cannot know exactly what date the merchandise will be delivered. Please place your order in a timely manner to allow for shipping time.

Delivery time

Express International

  • - Add US$9.50 to standard shipping.
  • - Delivered to you worldwide with a faster, more precise schedule, and is traceable (package location is tracked).
  • - All orders of US$150 or more get FREE International Express at no extra charge.

Express International Delivery has a faster, more precise schedule, and is traceable (package location is tracked). It is an additional US$9.50 and the delivery time is usually 4 to 8 days (*).
This is also a good option for gifts, especially during the busy winter holiday season when international shipping gets congested. To choose this Express International Delivery Option, please check the box on the checkout page.
All orders of US$150 or more get FREE International Express shipping at no extra charge. If you order US$150 or more, you don't need to choose Express International Delivery Option, you will get this option automatically.

To track your package, please view your Order History in the Account Information section of our website, where you can check the shipment tracking details updated in real time.

(*) The delivery time is different for each destination, depending on the postal service and customs conditions in each country. Please note that we can't guarantee the delivery time or exact date of delivery.

Latest Flight Status (Delivery Delay due to COVID-19)

Parcels shipped from Hibiki-an to anywhere in the world, except the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and a few other countries may significantly be delayed due to a significant decrease in the number of international airline flights, resulting from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) travel restrictions. Only Express International Delivery bound for countries below are almost following normal delivery times.
We strongly recommend that you choose the Express International Delivery option, which is fast and trackable. Or you may wish to order after the COVID-19 crisis calms down and conditions return to normal.
We, Hibiki-an are cooperating closely with Japan Post to get detailed information.

Latest Flight Status (as of March 31)

  • 〇: Almost normal delivery time, though there are some delays.
  • △: Significantly delayed, though flights are not stopped.
  • ×: Stopped flights
Flights (bound for)Express
United States
Australia ××
United Kingdom
Switzerland ××
Italy ××
Singapore ×
France ××
Spain ××
Norway ××
New Zealand ××
Israel ××
Russia ××
Netherlands ××
Hong Kong
Sweden ××
Denmark ××
Belgium ××
Czechia ××
UAE ××
Austria ××
Hungary ××
Ireland ××
Bulgaria ××
Ukraine ××
India ××
Romania ××

Customs Duties and Taxes

Customs duties vary depending on your country. If you have to pay a custom duty, you will be required to pay the duty when you receive your order.

  • Rates of Customs Duties on Tea Leaves
    • United States---no duty
    • Canada---no duty
    • Australia---no duty
    • United Kingdom---no duty up to 32 Pound (3.2 % over 32 Pound)
    • European Union---no duty up to 45 Euro (3.2 % over 45 Euro)
    • United Arab Emirates---no duty
    • Brazil---no duty up to 50US dollar (10% over 50US dollar)
    • Russian Federation---no duty up to 5,000US dollar (20% over 5,000US dollar)
    • Singapore---no duty
    • Taiwan---no duty up to 300TW dollar (19.4% over 300TW dollar)
    • China---no duty up to 1,000 Yuan (15% over 1,000 Yuan)
    • The Republic of Korea---no duty up to 100,000 Won (513.6% over 100,000 Won)
  • Only a few countries prohibit importing tea leaves
    • Nigeria
    • Colombia
    • Sri Lanka

Taxes other than customs duty, for example, VAT (Value-Added Tax), can be possibly imposed when you receive the parcel (especially in the EU region). It depends on each country’s regulation, order contents, order amount, or each circumstance. We don’t charge you any taxes with your order payment. And we are unable to bear any responsibility for any taxation issue. For more details about what taxes may be required in your country, please contact the tax or customs authority in your country.


We are very concerned about environmental destruction in the world. Environmental destruction and pollution have an impact on all life, but especially on farms, which depend on the land.
We wrap our parcels as simply as possible, while still being well protected during delivery. The simple packaging also saves on international shipping costs and gives our customers the lowest possible price for high-quality tea.

Return and Reshipping Policy

We will gladly exchange damaged, defective, or wrongly shipped items. Additional shipping will be paid by Hibiki-an. If you receive a damaged or defective item, please save the item and all packaging for inspection by the carrier. Please notify Hibiki-an of the damaged or defective item within one week after you receive the order.

Once your order is shipped, possessive rights of the products belong to the purchaser. If the parcel does not reach its destination because the purchaser incorrectly entered the delivery address, we don't accept responsibility. Therefore, please enter the delivery address carefully and correctly. In addition, after your order is shipped, we are unable to accept any change or cancellation to your order except for damaged, defective, or wrongly shipped merchandise.

In the unlikely event that your order of tea or tea ware does not match with your liking, you may exchange for any item with a price less than or equal to the price of the original item, as long as you agree to the following: When you ship the return item back to us, the parcel must be insured for the full value of the item, and you are responsible for paying all shipping costs. We can only accept new unopened tea packages, and new unused tea ware. The replacement items will be shipped after the return items arrive back to us safely. Please notify Hibiki-an of the exchange request within one week after you receive the order.