Matcha MIZU YOHKAN (traditional sweet bean jelly)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Interior Content: 3 packs of 85g (3.00oz) each

Matcha MIZU YOHKAN is a traditional Japanese confection, made with AZUKI white beans. Indeed AN bean jam, which is the main ingredient of YOHKAN, is the most essential ingredient of WAGASHI traditional Japanese confections. The smooth, moist texture of this confection is completely unique. The flavor and aroma are enhanced by the addition of fine Matcha green tea. MIZU YOHKAN uses Uji Matcha, which is characterized by its astringency followed by a deep sweetness and richness.

MIZU YOHKAN is a confection in which AN bean jam is mixed with agar, a plant-based (vegetarian) thickener similar to gelatin, to create a firm cake. The main ingredients are AZUKI soy beans, sugar, and agar. It is a healthful snack because it contains no animal or vegetable fat. MIZU means water. MIZU YOHKAN is almost the same as regular YOHKAN in terms of ingredients and preparation, but with less agar and more water.

The texture of Matcha MIZU YOHKAN differs from both Western jelly and regular YOHKAN. When you try a piece, it melts in your mouth and becomes irresistibly smooth. It is unlike any other food.

The Matcha MIZU YOHKAN recipe is simple, so the quality of ingredients directly affect the flavor. We use only AZUKI white beans grown in HOKKAIDO prefecture, located in northernmost Japan, the most famous production center of highest quality AZUKI. The sweet and refreshing taste matches very well with the smooth texture.

If you prefer, it will intensify the flavor to cool Matcha MIZU YOHKAN in the refrigerator for a short time just before eating. Chilled Matcha MIZU YOHKAN is very refreshing, and it evokes the cool breeze of a summer evening in Japan.

Our Matcha MIZU YOHKAN pairs very well with all kinds of Japanese tea.

We are certain that Matcha MIZU YOHKAN will please your palate and enhance your green moment.




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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Sugar (made in Japan), white bean paste, matcha, agar/glycine, coloring (gardenia, safflower yellow)
Contents: 85g (3.00oz) x 3 packs
Storage: Keep away from light, heat and moisture
Best Before: 6 months from production date


If you prefer, would you cool in the refrigerator for a short time just before eating? One container is perfect for one or two people. For two people, you may slice Matcha YOHKAN into two equal parts.

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