Matcha MIZU YOHKAN (traditional sweet bean jelly)


Author Rudi Hermawan   (Indonesia)
Review This is not a typical yohkan. Not the type that is firm and overly sweet.
Instead, it is very different, thankfully.
Its texture is smooth, soft and juicy, practically melts in your mouth.
A very tender and watery version of an agar pudding, more to a texture that is baby-friendly.
Its sweetness level is moderate, enough to give comfort to the palate.
The flavor of matcha is very mild, though, unfortunately. More to the aftertaste.
I find it highly enjoyable, mainly due to its texture.
It is especially nice when served chilled. The cooler, the better.
This Mizu Yohkan would be a nice accompaniment to a Japanese green tea, but it would be a perfect snack/dessert to have on its own, especially during the hot weather.
I imagine how nice it would be having this outdoor when the sun is blazing, with this yohkan served chilled and topped with some shaved ice. It would be so refreshing.
I can only wish it would have a much bolder matcha flavor, which then I would give a 5-star rating.
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Date July 22, 2023

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