Cost of Shipping

Order amount Express International
Standard International (*2)
(not trackable)
US$150 or more FREE -
US$50 to under US$150 US$8.50
Under US$50 + US$8.50
+ US$11.50 (*)
Actual cost - see table below

(*) Delivery Discount
- Orders of under US$150 get Express International delivery (both of DHL and Postal) for only US$8.50 ( US$11.50).
- This delivery discount is only for a limited time until July 30th.

Express International

All orders of US$150 or more get FREE Express International at no extra charge.
Add US$11.50 to standard international shipping.
Delivered to you worldwide with a faster, more precise schedule, and is traceable (package location is tracked).

Standard International

FREE International Shipping on all orders of US$50.00 or more. "Not available for North America, Australia, most of EU."
Not trackable. Not precise or fast like Express.
For orders less than US$50.00, we charge by weight using the following rates (rates are the same worldwide).

Standard International shipping rates (for under US$50.00 orders)

100g ( 3.53oz)US$ 8.31
200g ( 7.05oz)US$10.08
300g (10.58oz)US$11.88
400g (14.11oz)US$13.67
500g (17.64oz)US$15.45
600g (21.16oz)US$17.24
700g (24.69oz)US$19.02
800g (28.22oz)US$20.81
900g (31.75oz)US$22.59
1000g (35.27oz)US$24.32
1100g (38.80oz)US$26.11
1200g (42.33oz)US$27.89
1300g (45.86oz)US$29.68
1400g (49.38oz)US$31.46
1500g (52.91oz)US$33.25
1600g (56.44oz)US$35.03
1700g (59.97oz)US$36.82
1800g (63.49oz)US$38.61
1900g (67.02oz)US$40.39