Cost of Shipping

(1) Shipping Rates for North America, Some of Europe etc.

Order amount Express International
US$150 or more FREE
US$50 to under US$150 US$6.50 (*1)
US$11.50 (*1)
Under US$50 + US$6.50 (*1)
+ US$11.50 (*1)
Actual cost - see below table

(*1) Delivery Discount
- Available for countries where only DHL Express International delivery is offered, such as the US except some areas, Northern / Eastern Europe, and some other countries.
- This delivery discount is only for a limited time until October 31st.

(2) Shipping Rates for Asia and Other Countries

Order amount Express International
Standard International (*2)
(not trackable)
US$150 or moreFREE-
US$50 to under US$150US$11.50FREE
Under US$50+ US$11.50Actual cost - see table below

(*2) Please note that orders bound for certain countries (North America, most of EU etc.) can be accepted only with DHL Express International NOT Standard International due to COVID issue and the Invasion of Ukraine.

Express International

All orders of US$150 or more get FREE Express International at no extra charge.
Add US$11.50 to standard international shipping.
Delivered to you worldwide with a faster, more precise schedule, and is traceable (package location is tracked).

Standard International

FREE International Shipping on all orders of US$50.00 or more. "Not available for North America, Australia, most of EU."
Not trackable. Not precise or fast like Express.
For orders less than US$50.00, we charge by weight using the following rates (rates are the same worldwide).

Standard International shipping rates (for under US$50.00 orders)

100g ( 3.53oz)US$ 8.31
200g ( 7.05oz)US$10.08
300g (10.58oz)US$11.88
400g (14.11oz)US$13.67
500g (17.64oz)US$15.45
600g (21.16oz)US$17.24
700g (24.69oz)US$19.02
800g (28.22oz)US$20.81
900g (31.75oz)US$22.59
1000g (35.27oz)US$24.32
1100g (38.80oz)US$26.11
1200g (42.33oz)US$27.89
1300g (45.86oz)US$29.68
1400g (49.38oz)US$31.46
1500g (52.91oz)US$33.25
1600g (56.44oz)US$35.03
1700g (59.97oz)US$36.82
1800g (63.49oz)US$38.61
1900g (67.02oz)US$40.39