SOUEN-KOH (Japanese Tea Incense: 12 sticks)

Contents: Incense 7cm (2.76 inch) /12 sticks with a holder
Approx burning time: 20 min per stick

SOUEN-KOH Japanese Tea Incense features the fresh and sweet aroma of green tea, harvested in Ujitawara, where Hibiki-an is located. Its noble fragrance makes you feel as if you are in an ancient palace, and brings to mind the elegant sweetness and freshness of green tea. This incense is made from natural ingredients used in Chinese herbal medicine.

This incense was jointly developed by Shoyeido, one of the oldest incense manufacturing and sales companies established in Kyoto around 1705, and the town of Ujitawara. In Japan, incense was once a very valuable item used only in religious ceremonies and in the lives of the nobility, but Shoyeido was one of the companies responsible for the spread of incense culture to the general public.

SOUEN means Nagatani Sohen and KOH means incense. It is named after Nagatani Sohen, the inventor of the Uji green tea processing method.

Before Nagatani Sohen invented the Uji green tea processing method, Japanese tea was just Matcha or Bancha (Houjicha). Born and living in Ujitawara, Sohen wanted to make green tea, as well as brown tea, available to the common people of Japan. Fifteen years later, at the age of 58, he invented his famous green tea processing method. Even today, his original tea processing method is the standard method used in Japan for processing Sencha, Gyokuro and other types of green tea.

Please enjoy the freshness of the tea aroma in the lingering fragrance of this incense while remembering the great achievements of Nagatani Sohen, who is the pride of Ujitawara.

*Eco-friendly disposable incense holder.
Avoid strong impact or exposure to water since it is made of soil.




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What's OKOH Incense

OKOH Incense has been enjoyed in Japan for more than 1,000 years. This distinguished incense has historically been favored by court nobles and used in shrines and temples throughout Japan. Today OKOH Incense is enjoyed at RYOTEI luxury restaurants, RYOKAN luxury hotels, and so on. Light the incense, and experience the unique noble aroma.


- Avoid excessive use and take ventilation into consideration.
- Over time, spots or crystals may appear on the surface of the incense. This does not affect the quality of the fragrance, so you can rest assured that you can use it.
- If you feel any physical discomfort, discontinue use and consult your doctor should you have any concerns.
- Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

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