Houjicha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I recently ordered more of this Tea after being reawakened to this as a great hot beverage that is actually more like a broth and very satisfying last Winter with HIBIKI-AN'S wonderful but super limited Super Premium grade. Before I had enjoyed this Tea cold to get me through the horribly hot and humid Summers as something to drink at, and throughout the night, since the caffiene is so low and I am always waking up multiple Times very thirsty. I ordered it in the Kariganes Trio Set at first, that was my introduction to a type of Tea I can not be without now, and I once again included that Trio with my most recent order.

Now I am ready for Summer this year but can much more fully enjoy the different ways of preparing this Tea, alone, or blending with other Kariganes which it is really great to do with Sencha Karigane (see my reviews under each Karigane as well as the Karigane Set) and also sometimes adding a sprinkling of Matcha. This Tea I feel I overlooked somewhat. But the Fact is that I really do like it and it really suits me well since I have sensitivity to caffiene, it stands in as an incredibly awesome replacement for Black Tea, I actually can Honestly say I Love this Tea better than any Black or Oolong that I can even think of and I have encountered many!! It is just so soothing to drink, something about this Tea just really calms me and it is sweet yet still robust that it can easily replace any Black Tea and I challenge coffee Lovers to try this steeped hot and STRONG!! I have to say, I LOVE my Houjicha Karigane steeped for A LONG Time. For definitely 5-7minutes. I just Love it that way. It's so substantial, no bitterness at all, it's just my favorite that way!
If you Love Japanese Green Tea it only makes sense to try them ALL, I HIGHLY recommend!
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Date June 24, 2013

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