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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I'm incredibly pleased with every Kuradashi Tea from HIBIKI-AN that I've been very lucky to experience so far. I'm so thankful to them for offering this special Autumn experience that's been treasured, celebrated, and considered extremely precious by Japanese Green Tea Culture for centuries in Japan to share with me and the rest of the World! Having never experienced Kuradashi Tea ever before or ever having even heard about it, even though I have enjoyed alot of Tea over the yers, I'm also gladly thankful to them for teaching me all about what I find to be a very intersting and beautiful History, providing details of the enriching efforts over the years for it to be enjoyed differently than a first harvest's celebration, and describing along with providing photos of the beautiful Autumn Tea Celebration as it has to do with much wonderful Culture and History, as well as the Seasonal change which is something I can relate to since I also experience the Four Seasons' unique aspects and beauties. It just so happens that Autumn has always been my favorite Season so it was a happy surprise for me to be able to be included in experiencing these truly awesome and uniquely limited types of fine Japanese Green Teas!
First the Kuradashi Gyokuro and Sencha Teas were introduced here and I am happily still enjoying those immensely. Next, a few weeks later, HIBIKI-AN introduced their 2 grades of Kuradashi Matcha and I was delighted since Matcha is my very favorite among Japanese Green Teas. I ordered this Kuradashi Matcha Super Premium as soon as I possibly could and could not wait for my order to arrive, which of course it did yet again in under a week :) Thanks for that again, HIBIKI-AN!
When I recieved this Tea, I noticed it was packaged a bit differently than the usual Matcha Super Premium. If you've ever ordered their Matcha Pinnacle, you'd see that it's packed the same as that type: this Tea comes in a cute little silver bag with green wisps decorating it. It is not a resealable bag itself, but HIBIKI-AN provides you with a twist tie to tightly reseal the bag as you use up your Matcha, plus it comes in a vacuum sealed can that has an airtight top to further keep it fresh, along with a nice oxygen/moisture absorbing packette for you to keep inside the sealed off can, too.
I felt the need to be very mindlefully gentle with this Tea throughout all steps of it's preparation which is a good, nice thing to help slow you down to ensure that you really can fully enjoy this beautiful Kuradashi Matcha. The powder, to me, seemed to be a denser pack than my usual Super Premium, feeling more tightly packed and heavier but it's still incredibly silky and fine. The scent is a complete give-away that this Super Premium is DEFINITELY going to be a huge treat! It is very sweet smelling, that wonderful enriched sweet smell that you can really sense only comes with true Time. I prepared my bowls of this using my HANA MISHIMA Matcha bowl sold here which I find not only beautiful to just see but a real joy to use, especially because the designs stamped on the interior of the bowl really do allow your whisk to lather any matcha up incredibly easily, but ESPECIALLY THIS Kuradashi Matcha Super Premium. I found it frothing up so much more even deliciously thick and creamy! I think that is a special characteristic of this particular matcha because it will really lather up super easily and it's a true treat to have that topping. I feel that on this Tea, the topping is basically like a whipped cream. It really just reminds me of that because once I tasted this matcha I found it to be the sweetest I have EVER tasted, it was creamy sweet and almost as if a bit of sugar and milk were already added to it! Of course nothing is added but I found this to be so amazingly sweet in flavor I was blown away! I admit that I had EXTREMELY HIGH expectations for the Kuradashi Matchas, and also admit they were unrealisticlt high!! BUT, I can honestly say that this Tea TRULY DELIVERED beyond my wild dreams! It also has a sweet floral aroma I can sense as I enjoy my bowl of Matcha and it's just an incredibly pleasing moment as I am finishing my matcha in the particular HANA MISHIMA bowl because I am presented with a bouquet of flowers stamped all inside the very bottom of this bowl and it's just a wonderful explosion of sweet tastes and floral aromas all at once! I absolutely LOVE this Matcha and recommend you try it too if you are also a Matcha lover! It's so wonderfully sweet I forget about the delicious OHIGASHI and CONPEITOH confections I like to enjoy along with my Matcha, it's really that amazingly sweet! I like my matcha to be thick, also, and I STILL have never tasted a hint of bitterness and if it can make you even forget about candy, it is really just unbelievably that great! Thanks again, HIBIKI-AN, for sharing all your hard work and efforts with the rest of us, I personally greatly appreciate and enjoy your Teas everyday immensely and feel very fortunate that I am able to. :D
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Date November 13, 2012

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