HANA MISHIMA (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This Matcha bowl is seriously elegant and is exceptionally well-made! When I first saw it, I fell in love with the lovely beauty just in general and after looking further at your photos I was surprised at just how instricate the artist had designed both outside and inside with his very own specially made wooden stamps. I can't beleive how perfectly it was just, to start, made on the wheel! It is extremely symmetric and I cannot believe I own and get to use such a SERIOUS piece of art (So, only the BEST Hibiki-an Matcha will be whisked in it!!) because I feel as if I am a Queen in an erea gone by from the Past when using it. It is VERY inspiring to view and think about all the worl k he PERSONALLY put into MY bowl!! I decided today to use it, and am right now, even though it has been very hot weather-wise, instead of my flat Matcha bowl, even though I knew the Matcha would be hotter feeling because I thought that the coloring of the cool-toned greys mixed with definite flurries of white would still evoke a feeling and sense of coolness, and it did! It almost gives off a feel of a Royal goblet that is made of stone even though it is pottery because it is just SO exceptionally well shaped! I LOVE this piece! I even decided to very, almost lazily, enjoy two bowls of Matcha today with this bowl (it's the first I decided to use it and I'm glad I waited, everything seems to have come together in a sense of calm and well-being and happiness that I wish to share because the bowl is not only sized very generously but the Artist was extremely generous with his skill and passion for the Matcha Bowl Art) and also made some cool cucumber finger sandwiches to go along with my Matcha as I slowly drank it because I knew the bowl would keep it a nice warm and tasty temperature for a more prolonged Time than the flat/choreographed for coolness bowl. This bowl is simply WONDERFUL and definitely a thing of great beauty! Thanks again!! :)
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Date July 22, 2012

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