HAKEME no YUNOMI (handcrafted Teacup: pair)


Nickname *Sarah Longo (w Photo)   (United States)
Review Here is a photograph of cold-brewed (using only cold water then placed in the refrigerator to steep to keep the caffienne extraction as low as possible) Sencha Karigane in the HAKEME no YUNOMI. The extremely easy to use and clean up glass Iced Tea Pot (the 1 sold here with the green lid, shaped in a way that reminds me of :) a large lab beaker) that I really do not want to imagine being without even for a day, especially in Summer, is also slightly visible with it's cute "fluttering/swirling" Tea Leaf styled measuring scale printed conveniently on it. My tatami coaster is literally only 2 months away from being a full 2 years old with nearly daily use (!) so it's not in perfect looking condition (still works perfectly, though) but a picture is worth a thousand words so I don't think I really need to say that HIBIKI-AN sells the very best in quality items.

It was after midnight and I was having a bit of Tea before finally getting to bed and I decided to try and quickly snap a few pictures to add to my/our reviews on the site here and take advantage of the new option now made possible by HIBIKI-AN.
It is definitely True that a picture is worth a thousand words and before the option to add a photo with my review I sometimes found myself at a loss for just the right words and wished I could just post a picture to say what I wanted to try to explain. Great idea, HIBIKI-AN, as well as allowing nicknames so maybe now more will be willing to share their experiences in reviews. I hope everyone is enjoying their Green Moments!
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Date February 04, 2014

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