SEKICHUKA (handcrafted Multi-cup: 150ml)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This cup is GREAT! Not just good! I use it daily to have my morning Matcha and often find myself contemplating its wonderful beauty! The bottom of the cup is shiny as if from ice coated minerals of the Earth, such beauty. And the whole atmosphere it sets is definitely the feeling of early Spring, still some snow, but the first flowers peeking out, it reminds me of our front garden right at that Time of year! I ordered this cup a couple months ago and recieved it just at that Time of year which was a wonderful and mindful delight! The feel is not too heavy and not too light, or too delicate feeling that may make you scared to use it. It is just perfect! This cup is for me only! I LOVE it! It does hold less than the traditional Matcha bowls, but sometimes if you want to just have a Matcha Moment alone and not feel like you are drinking a bowl of soup and leaving others out, this cup is perfect for private moments to enjoy your Matcha:) I have found the lovely glaze and overall coloring is quite wonderful in the Summer, too, to evoke a feeling and sense of coolness. This is a definite favorite! Thank you, Hibiki-an!!
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Date June 28, 2012

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