Karigane Tea Tasting Set (3 x each 100g/3.53oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This set is AWESOME to try the Kariganes. It's "The Greatest Hits Set" and it's so fun!!
I knew I already loved and could never be without Gyokuro Karigane coldbrewed every single day ready and waiting for me in the refrigerator so I thought I would try this set to check them all out. The only thing is that this set comes with Gyokuro Karigane Superior, not the Gyokuro Karigane Premium which is what I personally decided to keep a supply of after tryingg both grades. It's not a huge deal because there is not a huge difference between the 2grades unless, like me, you drink it very often. To try it is great though and you will definiitely get all the flavor, mouthfeel, aroma and sweet lovely bliss of the Gyokuro Karigane experience.
You can read my more in depth reviews on each Karigane posted under their specific sections.
What I wanted to share here is how great the Karigane Tea's are for blending yourself incredibly easily to be able to experience even more with your purchase of this set.
I personally LOVE the very limited Houjicha Karigane Super Premium and REALLY WISH it was offered year round. I also adore the customer appreciation gift HIBIKI-AN included in orders to celebrate their last anniversary of Match Karigane Pinnacle. That Tea I have NEVER seen them sell and of course it was complete bliss!!! Since all I can bring myself to drink in the past couple weeks is the Limited Houjicha Karigane Super Premium I am WAAAAAYYY TOO quickly running out of it!

So, I decided to switch it up with the Houjicha Karigane from this set, but it just was not what I was looking for. The addition of the Matcha Karigane Stems as well as using the higher quality stems usually used for the Sencha Karigane of this set in the Limited Houjicha Karigane Super Premium REALLY makes a huge difference.
So I got an idea!!! I decided to try something I felt was related a bit to that limited Tea, (except it had no Matcha Karigane stemsi and I was very happy! I just used half Houjicha Karigane and half Sencha Karigane (this is what they used in the higher grade limited Houjicha Karigane so I felt it would bring up the regular Houjicha Karigane a bit to be perhaps closer to my lovely limited Tea) Both of these Kariganes come in this set. I used half and half and it was so great. I was proud of myself! The Tea before brewing smelled super delicious!!! It smelled SO GREAT I wanted to just stand there smelling it!!!! :D I really had not thought the blend would really be so awesome!! The infusion was close in color to the limited Houjicha Karigane Super Premium, it was lighter than the regular Houjicha Karigane a bit, more sweetly flavorful from the added Sencha Karigane but also still that delicious warm, mouthwatering aroma and flavors characteristic of Houjicha Karigane. I will continue to experiment with different variations and perhaps even adding a tiny bit of Matcha powder in an attempt to more closely duplicate the limited Houjicha Karigane Super Premium since it has Matcha Karigane stems which REALLY make it a very noble, stately brew!! These sorts of Teas are perfect very hot, steaming hot!!! A MUST in my Winters!!

I already love adding Matcha to the Gyokuro Karigane regularly, both hot and cold, but mostly as a cold beverage daily to ensure I get in my daily Matcha intake.
At first I had never even heard of Kariganes but afer some time and experience I REALLY LOVE THEM!!! I am NEVER without Gyokuro Karigane EVER and am feeling it will now be like that with the other Kariganes. These are REALLY EASY TEAS to brew also!!! Not too much water temp worries. When I brew my Sencha Karigane/Houjicha Karigane half and half I still just use boiling water, it never makes the Sencha bitter, EVER!! So, no worries.
I HIGHLY recommend this set, the price is really perfect for the quality, value, and serious freshness found NOWHERE ELSE. And you do not just get Three Teas!! (Unless you only want Three Teas.) With this set you are given the chance to totally play around making personal blends in really countless ways depending on what you wish to enjoy or take in concerning theanine, caffiene, and catechin which are the 3 main constituants that provide you with the health and taste aspects of Tea. Also, you get the choice to add a bit of "warm/roastyness'" to your personal cup, more or less depending how you feel that very moment! Just add as much Houjicha Karigane as you wish :)
In short, the Karigane Set I call "The Greatest Hits Set" and it's possibilities to enjoy them really seem endless to me. Try it yourself!! Some may shy away from the roasted and "different" aspect of Houjicha but it really grew on me and you can always "balance" it by adding some Sencha Karigane to 'lift" it up a bit making it "greener." Even though I will still continue to order the Gyokuro Karigane Premium Grade which is not the grade in this set, I still believe I will be ordering another one of these sets since I got myself hooked now on a wonderful hot cup of half and half Sencha Karigane and Houjicha Karigane as well as definitely having totally warmed up to the Houjicha Karigane which, in fact, I enjoy ALOT more than any Genmaicha Tea even though they are sometimes compared as being similar. Enjoy!! Thanks, HIBIKI-AN!!!
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Date February 16, 2013

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