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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I decided to order this set as part of my very first order from Hibiki-an in order to easily get myself a proper kyusu as well as a pair of nice yunomi. The tatami coasters were a really wonderful addition to the set and I have to say that I really love them and use them everyday with all of my teawares including Hohin which, if I set the tatami side by side, I am able to fit all 3 needed pieces of my Hohin when using (I use mine alone, so I only need room for 1 yunomi.) The yunomi included with this set has the design of a pine needle which at first glance may come off as very simple or possibly boring but these yunomi are excellent for a lovely green moment since they don't have too much "clutter" of design or color. The simplicity of the pine needle painted is very calming to see and allows your mind to settle and contemplate these trees and how they are different from trees which lose their leaves in Autumn while pine stays evergreen. The porcelaine feels smooth and gentle, is just the right size to comfortably sip your Tea, not too big or too small, and the shape looks nice how it gently curves out at the top. I like how I'm able to fully appreciate the shades of my various Green Teas against the pristine white inside the cup which adds to the enjoyment of my Teas! The kyusu is truly a total must-have item and I'm glad I chose this one because it is just too cute, I refer to it as my little friend and it reminds me of a nice little and cute turtle, frog, and toad all at once! :) I really like the color green so I was drawn to this kyusu when I first saw it and after I received it I could really appreciate the different shades od greens and various textures. It's got a very natural feel to it and reminds me that Tea really is an awesome, precious thing I'm lucky to enjoy, straight from Nature and the Earth which is really a wonderful miracle simply as-is without any additional things added ever, which makes it absolutely the best type of thing for you and perfectly fine thing to enjoy daily! I've used my kyusu to brew all sorts of Hibiki-an Teas- Sencha, Gyokuro, Sencha Fukamushi, and a few other Seasonal Teas such as Farmer's Shincha and Shincha Aote and it always does a fine job and easily cleans out. I have also used this kyusu to slow-brew Sencha Pinnacle by filling it with ice-cubes and it is a very enjoyable experience. Sometimes very small leaves can get stuck in the mesh but I will just fill the kyusu with very hot water and soak it for awhile, then rinse. I have never had to use any type of cleanser and usually the leaves only get stuck if I have done the ice-cube slow-brew method which takes awhile so the leaves get their chance to stick but since brewing that way isn't something I do all the Time, I don't usually have a problem with trapped leaves. I think this kyusu is the perfect size for myself but it would be nice to share with 1 other person. I also enjoyed receiving the Organic Sencha Tea included so I could compare it to my other Teas. I find the Organic Sencha to be a great everyday Tea and have been drinking it in a larger (500ml) Dobin type of pot which allows Tea leaves to be poured with the Tea. I can compare it to Pinnacle Sencha and Superior Sencha. I found the Organic Sencha to be a refreshing, vegative-type note in flavor, a tiny bit bitter compared to Superior Sencha, but Honestly, this Tea really is NOT bitter so please don't be put off by me saying that- the fact that I am using a Dobin which allows the leaves to be in your Tea as you enjoy your cup as well as having the leaves stay for a more prolonged Time in the pot wll make any Tea prone to bitterness but seriously, even when I drink it this way I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at this Sencha's lack of bitterness!! The aroma is fresh and actually sweet, especially if you smell your empty yunomi, it smells surprisingly very sweet! I feel this Sencha is very smooth also, not as "buttery" of a mouthfeel perhaps as Superior Sencha. And it has that "refreshing" quality in taste, but it is definitely not as "brisk" or "sharp" as I find the Pinnacle Sencha to be which can cause an upset stomach for me. So, if you wish to enjoy the taste and health benefits of Sencha try the Organic Sencha if you get an upset stomach sometimes from other Senchas. In all, this set was a fine investment I'm 100% pleased with!!
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Date December 07, 2012

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