Kuradashi Gyokuro Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz)


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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I have now tried both the Kuradashi Gyokuro Super Premium (Samidori and Yabukita reviews are on that page) and the Kuradashi Gyokuro Pinnacle (Samidori and Gokoh breeds) and feel they are both wonderful Teas! These limited to Autumn Seaon Teas are actually now my favorites (the Kuradashi Sencha too, which was a surprise.) While I feel that the tastes, scents, and overall feeling and atmosphere the top two Kuradashi Gyokuro Tea Grades beautifully offer are very similar, I wanted to try the Pinnacle due to the very rare and traditional "Honzu" method of canopy. I'm very greatful to those who are still willing to build this very special type of canopy using the Tea Farmers' methods from long ago which is made from reeds and straw that they must first gather themselves, then pay close attention to since it is all a very delicate situation. It's said that the natural rainwater that falls onto the growing Tea through this natural reed canopy also benefits the Tea in a very special way that no other canopy can. This is all very interesting to me and I'm always happy when I discover traditional methods that require harder work but turn out a better product are still being used in this World. I have tried Hibiki-an's Pinnacle Matcha and Sencha and can say those Teas are extremely great, so I really don't think it's just all "in my head/gimmicky." Also, just as handmade food is so much more tasty and satisfying, so is hand-picked Tea! I am immensly enjoying my Kuradashi Gyokuro Pinnacle and am sadly nearing the end of my supply. That being said, this is definitely a Tea that I will repurchase if their stock still allows when my funds next allow! I feel that if you are a Gyokuro Lover that you owe it to yourself to try this Kuradashi as soon as you can this Autumn Season and join Hibiki-an in celebrating the Season and enjoying the fruits of their labor that they took to produce this finished product that has been taken out of the granary after 1 & 1/2 years, plus counting the tender care they grew it with using only the appropriate breeds, using very traditional handmade Honzu canopy, along with only hand-picking the leaves, also! Once again, thank you for sharing with us, Hibiki-an! :)
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Date October 23, 2012

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