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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Another great way to use Matcha I have found is to freeze a mixture of it with some fresh fruit like berries.
Although I added in my last recipe that I enjoymaking a milk and/or yogurt Matcha smoothie and topping it with cereal or crinchy oats or even nuts such as almond or walnut, I forgot to add that you can also do this:
After making your smoothie (it is best, in my personal tastes, to not use ice when doing this, just yogurt and/or milk with the Matcha Tea) add some blueberries (my favorite, but use your own, many work well I discovered!) to the mix and pour it into a glass cup so you can see the random appearance of the fruit through the smoothie, it is just prettier that way. If you want to, add a few berries on top as a garnish. Cover with a tight seal of plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen, enjoy! If you find it too hard/frozen you can microwave it for about 15 seconds or to your liking.
I Hope you enjoy :)
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Date August 21, 2012

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