Plum Tama-Yunomi (handcrafted Teacup: 180ml)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This cup is super cute! It is the only Tea Cup I own in the "ball shaped" style. I was attracted to the bright red color, how the Artist "reverse-painted" the white flowers and red background as well as the different shape. Also, the Fact that this was available as a single cup for sale helped in my decision since often I really love a yunomi but it is only available as a set. The cup really is easy and comfortable to hold and I agree with the rest of the Reviewers' writings here, in all they wrote. I personally wanted to match this to a white Dobin style Tea Pot I already owned that had a few red accents and a "Spring Flowers" theme. I'm glad my choice worked out as they go very well together and since, when using a Dobin the Tea Leaves are poured into the cup, they swirl around in a very fascinating way in this shaped yunomi. It is very nice to use this cup as you can see the different shades of your green Tea against the very uniquely painted interior which clearly shows the strokes of the Artist's brush. It's just a very lovely experience altogether and very different from my other yunomi!
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Date March 19, 2013

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