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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I just wanted to add a few things onto my first review posted here about this LE Autumn Kuradashi Gyokuro Super Premium Tea concerning my 3rd and 4th steepings in my Hohin. About the 3rd- I really, really like the 3rd brews of this Tea! I actually enjoyed this Tea for a few wonderful hours yesterday, and both 3rd brews came out very much alike and consistent which made me very delighted because the first Time I got to my 3rd brew I enjoyed it immensely. For me, the 3rd brew was a surprise because although the liquid appeared to be very lightly colored and quite thin, the taste and texture were very much like flowers' nectar. Everything about the Tea seemed to have been "lifted" up and away from the "earthy/wood/spice" notes to what seemed to be the fragrant essences of a bouquet of sweet flower petals along with a hint of their crisp, green leaves and stems to balance everything. I was surprised because I found that this infusion I think I like the best, which usually is not the case. The Tea was like a delicious dew and very beautiful! I sipped it very slowly from the tiny yunomi and so it had also cooled off/gone through some temperature changes which affect the flavors' intensities. I think trying this Tea in the warm to room temperature range will serve you well to help appreciate the complexities that enriching it has provided us. The steeped leaves still had that fresh and sweet bakery scent mixed with floral notes that I just love and by the 3rd steeping were fully opened and fanned out looking very much alive still. And since I know now that I am not the only one who has done this, I will admit I had to taste, yes eat the leaves and guess what? I loved them, they were sweet tasting and smelled even greater :D
At that point, I started the whole process over again with fresh leaves and after finding that the 3rd brew had again been so succelent, sweet but not syrupy and although thin in appearance and texture it's taste was like a complex type of floral honey, the same lovely infusion as my first leaves 3rd brew! I decided to go for a 4th steeping and this was like the 3rd infusion but just less in flavor in general but still high in aroma. I steeped it for quite awhile the 4th Time, 5 or more minutes, I Honestly lost track of Time but it was not bitter at all. I don't think you can go wrong with this Tea! I'm a bit sad to think it, like Tencha, is definitely in my Top Favorite Three Teas since it is so limited, and I sincerely Hope that HIBIKI-AN will continue to share their Teas from the granary each year! I Hope everyone had a wonderful Autumn Tea Festival celebration and thank you, again! :)
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Date October 13, 2012

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