Organic Sencha Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I enjoyed receiving this Organic Sencha Superior Tea as included in The Organic Japanese Tea Gift Set so I could compare it to my other Teas. I find the Organic Sencha to be a great everyday Tea and have been drinking it in a larger (500ml) Dobin type of pot (at a low temperature) which allows Tea leaves to be poured with the Tea. I can compare it to Pinnacle Sencha and Superior Sencha. I found this Organic Sencha to be a refreshing, vegative-type note in flavor, a tiny bit bitter compared to Superior Sencha, but Honestly, this Tea really is NOT bitter so please don't be put off by me saying that- the fact that I am using a Dobin which allows the leaves to be in your Tea as you enjoy your cup as well as having the leaves stay for a more prolonged Time in the pot will make any Tea prone to bitterness but seriously, even when I drink it this way I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at this Sencha's lack of bitterness!! The aroma is fresh and actually sweet, especially if you smell your empty yunomi, it smells surprisingly very sweet! I feel this Sencha is very smooth also, not as "buttery" of a mouthfeel perhaps as Superior Sencha. And it has that "refreshing" quality in taste, but it is definitely not as "brisk" or "sharp" as I find the Pinnacle Sencha to be which can cause an upset stomach for me. So, if you wish to enjoy the taste and health benefits of Sencha try the Organic Sencha if you get an upset stomach sometimes from other Senchas. I have just began to try the Organic Teas offered by Hibiki-an but I will definitely be trying more from their Organic line and am thankful they are willing to grow Organic Tea! Thanks again, Hibiki-an :)
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Date December 07, 2012

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