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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Matcha Cocoa is so delicious! Everyone who enjoys Matcha should try it once, especially with the cooler weather Season having started. I have always loved how the flavors of Matcha and chocolate compliment eachother. They pair very well and I often enjoy a little chocolate with my Matcha when I really want to treat myself or destress- My Favorite is having some KOKUTOH CONPEITOH which is sold here- it's the BEST! So with the weather feeling more and more chilly, especially the mornings and nights, the Time was right for me to drink this since I enjoy Matcha daily. Besides, who doesn't like hot chocolate?
I admit I did not make mine from scratch as outlined here, although I'm sure if I had my drink would have been even better and so sublime as any handmade from scratch treats always are! I have made this a few Times just in the past week and have done it a few/combination of ways:
1. A quick way is to just use the store bought packettes of instant hot chocolate (with or without marshmallows) and prepare it normally (I always use milk, NEVER water- it tastes way better!) then sift how much Matcha you want into warm/hot mix.
*When I make it this way I heat up half the milk first, then mix in the instant cocoa mix, then sift and mix in my Matcha, add the rest of the milk, stir, heat to desired temp, and stir again. (I found that using a fork to stir powder mixes works better than a spoon, over the years.) When prepared this way, I can see tiny specks of the green Matcha swirled throught my hot chocolate and it lloks quite festive. Of course it tastes even better, the Matcha gives more depth to the chocolate flavor, enriching it.
2. The 2nd way I have now started to make this came about because I felt that I was kinda wasting Matcha (those tiny festive, green specks) because I could see that even though it was sifted it still had not fully been dissolved. So now I prepare my Matcha as usual in a Matcha bowl using my bamboo whisk, BUT with less water, making a nice thick mix with a really well lathered Matcha top. I like to use a full teaspoon sifted into my serving of hot chocolate! I found that if I prepared my instant hot cocoa with milk as I described above, then pour my prepared Matcha into the glass of hot cocoa I get a very well dissolved, smooth, thick and creamy hot chocolate treat! The water does not "water down" the milk's flavor or consistency/texture and additionally I end up with some Matcha froth visible atop my cocoa, which looks lovely. I also know that the Matcha is never wasted this way as there are never any "specks" that were too stubborn to fully dissolve when only trying to quickly mix with a fork, instead of preparing Matcha with a whisk seperately. You could use hot milk to whisk your Matcha, too, but I personally do not want to use my bamboo whisk to whisk anything except water and Matcha.
You can add some of your favorite chocolate syrup if you want more chocolate flavor or just use chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk and heat it that up to make hot chocolate then add your Matcha. This is a REALLY YUMMY way to enjoy the flavor of Matcha! And it's SO EASY! I can imagine a bunch of ways to make it a special Holiday treat during the cold/Winter months- be sure to have a Matcha foam atop each cup, sprinkle sifted Matcha over the glass/mug (as shown here) add some whipped topping/marshmallows if you like these and sprinkle Matcha on those for a lovely visual effect! Have fun!
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Date October 09, 2012

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