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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review The freezing/iced Matcha experience for me went this way: I never wanted my Matcha Iced but Hibiki-an encouraged me to give it a try at least once and I thought why not? Because I do like it Cold/Chilled, I just did not want ice-cubes, though! :) Also, I DO LOVE to sift a bit of Matcha in with my Gyokuro Karigane after I have cold brewed the same Tea leaves a few Times and it is not as strong anymore, thin, and anemic so I sift the Matcha in, horizontally shake using the Seasonal Iced Tea Pitcher sold here with the green strainer top and let it cold brew inside the refrigerater at least 3 hours, overnight is even better, and it's super yummy plus it helps me not go through my Gyokuro Karigane Premium or Superior so extremely fast in the hot weather of Summer. Both are delicious but Premium stands up to more steepings. Cold Brewed Gyokuro Karigane Tea is literally all I drink all day now so it goes really fast but Matcha extends it 2-3 more steepings or so.
So, one day I dumped some water out of a new water bottle (so it would not explode accidentally in the freezer just incase I happened to forget about having put the bottle in there) and let it freeze lieing on it's side until half of the water was frozen.
Then I had to play chemist and used this weird old metal funnel we have (but it works!) and keep everything as dry as possible as I put the a metal strainer that came with a Teapot I already happened to own in the funnel and the funnel in the bottle and sifted the Matcha into the bottle of water with half of it being like a verticle ice cube going up one side of the bottle. This sounds funny and weird and troublesome but it was shockingly EASY!!
Then I shook it super hard and it was like a science experiment, wow!!! the foam topping on that was awesome!!! Extremely creamy foam, I was SO delighted! Even just the Two different green colors was something to admire! The froth was dreamy-creamy, I call it. The bubbles were SUPER tiny, I was actually somewhat surprised. I drank some from the bottle using a straw and it was quite thick but still yumyum!
Then I let it melt slowly in the same manner as when you fill the kyusu with ice and let it slowly melt on the Tea, except this was in a plastic bottle and I'd say "not so noble" looking BUT you can either take it with you and it stays cold for a long Time (you can throw a straw in the bottle so it is easy to drink with that solid ice still present) or easily pour your iced Matcha into a pretty yunomi like the Grape multi-cup here once it melts down to your desired strength/thickness.
Of course, that waiting to melt may take some Patience but it will serve as a reminder that everything you do should not constantly be in haste and always so severe and demanding to our Feelings and Lives- we all deserve some Peace. After the atmosphere is clear and the ice took it's Time you are rewarded with a lovely Iced Matcha which I thought I would not enjoy but I definitely did, thanks to some encouragement from Hibiki-an. I Hope I have helped.
Anyhow, thank you, Hibiki-an!!
And Everyone else who read my waaaaay long review:)
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Date August 13, 2012

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