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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I use the slow cold brew method Hibiki-an recommends with Pinnacle Sencha which is done by putting the Tea into your kyusu than filling it with ice cubes and waiting for them all to melt. This does, indeed, produce a more noble atmosphere and one in which Time is definitely provided for me to be mindful of the special things and people in Life. After a few hours I am rewarded with only one yunomi of Pinnacle Sencha but since I am seriously plagued by horrific Insomnia (which I feel daily Matcha drinking seems to help, by the way) I quietly sit and enjoy this wonderful cup full of positivity right before I go to bed. The cold brew method is good to reduce the caffiene content when brewing and bring out more calming and balancing theanine which makes me able to happily enjoy Sencha before bed. I feel it works for me positively in many ways plus it tastes amazing. Thanks, Hibiki-an!! :)
This is definitely the best Sencha I have ever tasted and I won't drink any other Sencha (except for Hibiki-an's Fukamushi) than this Pinnacle Sencha! Everyone should give it a try, and definitely use the ice slow brew method in your favorite kyusu at least once! When I have this Tea, I feel refreshed, energetic yet calm, just plain happy. It is almost sparkling in sensation in aroma and feel/taste as you hold the cup close to take a sip. I highly appreciate the generousity of the people at Hibiki-an in offering this, and ALL of their wonderful Teas to the World, especially since tons of hard work and perfect Timing go into such a thing! I am very greatful and thank you eveytime I enjoy your Teas. So far, all of my orders have included a packette or 2 of Pinnacle Sencha. I haven't tried the other grades because I am enamoured with this vibrant, lively infusion!
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Date July 27, 2012

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