HAKUTOH Jelly (white peach jelly)


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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Peach is also another fruit I Love and since the Summer here is so hot and humid I definitely stored this in the refrigerator before I tried this. I had enjoyed the Summer Orange jelly SO MUCH that I'm glad I ordered 2 with my last order because I see they are already sold out! This Peach jelly is very delicious and I thought it looked so beautiful in my SHIRO INKA yunomi made by Kagetsu Hara at Kagetsu Kiln. They are also available here on this site :) It is one of the traditional techniques of Kyo Yaki and I feel is very beautiful. The Summer Peach and Orange were SUPER refreshing and SO delicious! I enjoyed the Summer Orange in the HANA KESSHO GIN FUJI Matcha Bowl also sold here because the orange looked lovely with the crystal violet glazing technique used in that beautiful porcelain bowl. Shades of oranges and purples are opposites, sort of, on the color-wheel so they really set eachother off strikingly. I tried sharing that with my Mom but she never wants to try anything new with me and my AWESOME HIBIKI-AN TEAS. So, I just enjoyed it all by myself before watching the latest episode of "American Ripper" which is a short series on The History channel investigating a personal family theory a man in the US has about who Jack the Ripper really was. I cannot eat anything during or after that show because it is scary and makes me feel sick. The show is interesting, though.
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Date August 11, 2017

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