Matcha Cornetta (modern confection)


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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review These treats are incredibly delicious! Exactly as HIBIKI-AN has described them. They are so delicate, made of extremely thin and crispy layers with a wonderfully high grade, sweet, mellow, Matcha enhanced white chocolate that seems to somehow be layered within the crispy layers, not just right in the center as other similar treats I have had like this. 10 STARS!! If you love Matcha how I do, you definitely need to try these before their Limited Season is up. I really do wish HIBIKI-AN would sell these (as well as the new, limited, Autumn/Winter Ame hard candy) all year round!! These will be gone FAST unless you have EXTREME willpower or have somebody lock them away for you so you can't get to them :) !! I recommend ordering more than just one box because after your first taste you will find ANY AND EVERY excuse or reason to have "just one more!" I wish their were more in the box because they are a bit on the smaller/shorter size but their flavor is just amazing and I'm glad I was able to have a bit of extra money to be able to try them out at least once this month when I placed my monthly Tea order. I do hope I'll be lucky enough to purchase another box before the Season is over!
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Date October 16, 2015

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