KOHZANJI Yunomi (handcrafted Teacup: 130ml)


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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I just received this yunomi yesterday and I love it. It is SO cute and funny to view as you enjoy your Tea! I used mine right away after opening the box because looking at it had really brightened my mood so much. I have been looking for more porcelain and small yunomi and I'm very happy to see the Spring/Summer offerings by HIBIKI-AN this year. The only other porcelain, Japanese, small yunomi that I own is the MATSUBA (Pine Needle)Yunomi that came with my Organic Tea and Tea Ware set which was part of my very first purchase here years ago. I really need to be EVEN MORE super extremely cautious and careful with this delicate delight because I only bought the single, not the pair, of this and the last Time I did that I, of course, accidentally chipped it which made me really mad at myself! This yunomi is very light! I compared it to my MATSUBA (Pine Needle)Yunomi which appears slightly smaller but it was still so light as to be lighter than the MATSUBA (Pine Needle)Yunomi. The vertical scrapings all around do not show up in the pictures as well as they do in real life. They remind me of the shape of long, thin flower petals. I really enjoy using this yunomi, I like how there is a laughing rabbit on the bottom inside that you can see through the pretty green color of your Tea, which shows up SO well in fine, white porcelain yunomi, and which I very much enjoy veiwing. THIS was EXACTLY what I have been waiting for from HIBIKI-AN and I'm very glad I was able to purchase it as soon as I could! It helps to put me in a better mood when I see the whimsical animal paintings. Thanks ALOT, HIBIKI-AN! :)
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Date April 22, 2015

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