MATCHA GENMAI SENBEI(handmade Japanese cracker)


Nickname Matchalover   (Canada)
Review I buy the Matcha and Genmai Senbei as often as I can. Originally I purchased these for the Matcha Senbei, as I love Matcha flavoured snacks, and these did not disappoint. They are a wonderful snack to have with whatever tea you are having. Sweet but not too sweet, Matcha flavored but not overwhelming and they are nice and crunchy. And they are a beautiful green.

I didn't know that I would totally love the Genmai Senbei...these are sooo good, with a toasty sweet flavour that reminds me of real Italian Biscotti and the nutty taste of the crisply browned rice is really exceptional.

These are highest quality Senbei and I think, like me, you will want more, and order more, and want them to come in bigger packages! :)
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Date July 03, 2016

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