MATCHA GENMAI SENBEI(handmade Japanese cracker)


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Review These are my favorite snack to have with Matcha and Sencha tea. The Matcha Senbei alone is a delicately light cracker has the exact flavor of Matcha with a subtle sweetness followed by a light bitter finish, absolutely delicious. However, if paired with a homemade vanilla Matcha latte even better, the milky latte followed by one of the Matcha Senbei and I consider it heavenly.

The Genmai Senbei is my absolute favorite, I thought the cracker would be heavier in taste and I was wrong. It's deliciously sweet and I pair this cracker with my Sencha Fukamushi Premium which has a mellow taste and sweetness that is more present when paired with the Genmai Senbei.

I highly recommend trying these!
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Date May 29, 2013

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