Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I had only tried one brand of Matcha before but I definitely liked it. I had drank it plain and also baked w it. I'm glad I had a decent start to Matcha because I have heard some really terrible stories. Either way, I found your site and was super thrilled to see how you offered different grades of Matcha, along w the long list of recipes, the great many health benefits, and the information that is always useful to know about the History of Matcha, the Tea Ceremony, etc. I was so happy and felt very lucky! I decided to try Matcha Super Premium because I knew I wanted a nice grade of Matcha, but still wanted to save the Pnnacle for the Future to try! I recieved my canister SO FAST! (Thank you!) I know how freshness is a factor in Japanese Green Tea and was hesitant to open it because I know that once I do, I must use it up (all the while wishing it would last longer! I usually buy some each month.) So, I peeled back the lid and it smelled so fresh and wonderful and the color was a beautifully bright but still natural vivid green! I just KNEW this Matcha experience was going to be a calming and super healthful one! I often make a large (regular sized Matcha) bowl just for myself in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings but sometimes (to conserve, or just because I wish for a smaller amount) I will make a smaller cupful. I decided to make some in the cup sold here, the clay cup glazed to look like the first flowers of Spring. It may not be very "Historically accurate" but either way, I added the Matcha while straining it into the cup then added the water in 2 parts while whisking w the bamboo whisk and it frothed up very easily, without stress or strain or having to try too hard! Once I tasted the smooth, sweet, mellow flavor accompanied by the lovely aroma I knew I would DEFINITELY be back for more! This Matcha has done nothing but make my days brighter and help me feel more healthy and mindful along w calm, peaceful anf relaxed each day, even the most stressful ones! Thank you, Hibiki-an! I have since used the Summer Moonflower Matcha bowl designed to choreograph coolness and it is ALWAYS a delight! I'm SO happy I found your site and lucky I am able to enjoy the wonderful fruits of your hardwork:) Next, I will probably try the Pinnacle but this is certainly fine to have! (I also ordered some Shincha Matcha, just to try, since I absolutely love Matcha and had never heard of it before, thank you for teaching us all about Japanese Green Tea and giving us the options!)
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Date June 28, 2012

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