Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I really love the newly harvested Farmers Shincha! I love all the Kariganes so that comes with no surprise. They are deliciously sweeter and different tasting in each their own way due to the stems blended in.
I'm so happy I was able to get more of this Tea this year. I really find it SO refreshing when I cold brew it overnight in the green topped glass teapot sold here and I always get at least 3 infusions out of it.
It is SO FRESH in aroma and taste, it is PERFECT for Summer! Also, the cold-brew method is just the BEST for me to enjoy all day as well as the night because it is none to super low in caffiene. I hope I'm able to stock up on this, this Shincha Season, because I really want it to last at least all this so hot and humid Summer Season and maybe even further into the year.
Lastly, I enjoy this flavor profile using less leaves than recommended so that's definitely a good thing to make it last. I think the fact that it is SUPER FRESH, brand new gives it a stronger, sharper flavor burst.
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Date June 27, 2014

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