Houjicha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I was interested in trying this unique type of Tea among the usual Green types available even though I had never heard or knew of Karigane before I found Hibiki-an, especially after loving the Gyokuro Karigane Premium I included in my very first order with Hibiki-an because after reading their description along with reviews I knew it was a good idea for me to try it. The Kariganes interest and appeal to me because they are low in caffiene yet are still nutritious, delicious both hot and cold, a great value, and Karigane stems are rich in Theanin which is known for having a sweet and flavorful taste and working to relax the brain and body.
After loving the Gyokuro Karigane Premium, I ordered the Karigane Sampler in order to not only get more Gyokuro Karigane but to try the others at a nice value price.
I decided to prepare this Houjicha Karigane using the Farmers' Method of brewing to obtain a cold and refreshing Tea since the weather had been extremely hot, humid and very uncomfortable, so bad that it was completely ruining my sleeping even worse than usual! I REALLY NEEDED something that was perfectly OK to drink allday and definitely into the nights that was also cool and refreshing! This was it, I felt, due to basically zero caffiene content along with it's History of being given to those who need rest. At first, I was a little surprised at how dark it was in color, but I think I had just gotten used to all the types of Japanese Green Tea I had been enjoying. As I prepared enough for a large pitcher, the aroma filled the place and everyone commented on it. My Mom said it smelled very good! It is very aromatic, giving off a warm roasted scent. This aroma stays with the Tea as it cools and along to your cup, but I also feel it gains a sweeter scent to it as it cools which makes it even more pleasant. The taste is similar to the scent but not overly strong like other dark Teas can be or smoky either. This was a totally different taste experience compared to most other Green Teas yet it still managed to be crisp, clean, pure and mellow while also having a subtly sweetly roasted flavor and a nice body and mouthfeel to it. It comes off as a heartier Tea while still being refreshing! I recommend this Tea to people who enjoy black or oolong Teas, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Prince of Wales Tea Blends, and so on. And also if you wish to try a different finished version of Japanese Green Tea, and/or Karigane. I am always waking up late at night very thirsty and I had no worries quenching my thirst and cooling off with this Tea no matter how late the Time! Give it a try or go for the Karigane Sampler to decide on your favorite. Mine is still Gyokuro Karigane but this is a welcome addition to my options and I'm definitely glad I went for it and tried it out! I think it will make a great, full-bodied hot cup to warm you up during the freezing Winter, too! I am very glad I discovered Kariganes and all the thanks goes to Hibiki-an for such an excellent site that provides much education and many Tea options. Thanks again! :)
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Date July 27, 2012

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