Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review When I first found Hibiki-an's site I felt VERY lucky to have stumbled upon it. I had drank alot of Tea but it was always a feeling that I was missing out on something, even if it was just more freshness. I love how informative this site is! Although I was looking for some nice Sencha, I found a world of information and deliciously healthy fresh Tea! I did not even know what Karigane was before I browsed around this site, now it is a near daily Tea! I love it. The flavor is very "green" but absolutely sweet bliss and the aroma is like the freshest grass/vegetal minus any and all bitterness! The mouthfeel is smooth and almost buttery, it makes me crave this type of Tea. Who knew that stems in my Tea would be so magical?! Hibiki-an is correct when they say how great of a quality this Gyokuro Karigane is, it is quite perfect for those of us who wish to drink alot of fresh Japanese Green Tea and enjoy the wonderful sweet flavor of Gyokuro throughout the day without breaking the bank! I ordered a packette of this w my first Hibiki-an order and used it up so surprisingly fast that I could not believe it. I decided w my next order to try the set of 3 Kariganes but I must say that although I am glad to have tried them all, the Gyokuro Karigane Premium is my favorite still. There is not a huge difference in the other grade of this Gyokuro Karigane (the one that came in the tasting set) so I definitely would recommend either to anyone who wishes to try out Karigane. I have found a new absolute favorite not only in taste, convenience, quality, cost, but also obviously health benefits, and I am glad that Karigane is low in caffiene and high in Theanine because I an quite sensitive to caffiene's effects and this is Truly something I have been looking for, I can drink it all day, even in the evening without sacrificing taste or anything! Thanks for making me aware of yet another way to enjoy Tea! Everyone should give Karigane a try!
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Date June 30, 2012

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