Sencha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I'm finally writing my review on Sencha Karigane after being totally in Love with Gyokuro Karigane Super Premium cold brewed to the point that it was on constant, 24/7, permanent stock in my refrigerater for literally the entire past year. I realize now that perhaps that was a little bit of a mistake, but everything has it's Chance, Place, and Time. I say this because I was getting quite bored of the same sort of Tea. Even though I would often sprinkle varied amounts of sifted Matcha into my Gyokuro Karigane which is GREAT and I highly recommend trying at least once, I admit I was just bored. I needed something new!
I LOVE KARIGANES!! Although I have had this Tea on it's own before, as well as blending it with the Houjicha Karigane, I was still hesitating to often drink and enjoy it because I was very nervous still over the effects of caffiene on me. I am WAY overly sensitive to it and seemingly EVERYTHING will keep me up at night. This can be troublesome since I Love Tea, but I am HIGHLY THANKFUL to HIBIKI-AN for sharing with me the Facts on cooler water/lower water temperature methods of brewing to minimize the extraction of caffiene as well as offering several natirally low in caffiene Kariganes year round and even my most favorite yet- a Limited Edition Houjicha Karigane Super Premium Blend this past early 2013 Winter (Thanks again, HIBIKI-AN!!)
I finally decided to Get Serious with Sencha Karigane last week and I admit I'm actually glad I was a slow-poke because I find it to be simply THE BEST TEA I could ever imagine having the priviledge to enjoy at this exact, specific Time of year! It is Perfect! It REALLY IS THAT GREAT!! And I even let it sit around for a bit which is a no-no, although it was sealed all up.
This Tea is just SO refreshing, lovely, and literally mouthwatering. It is totally The Definition of "yumyum!" It has this sort of laid back vibe yet still manages to have a sparkling charm and essence that seriously reminds me of the beach! It's got sweet marine mouthwatering notes and I taste ZERO bitterness (which I was not wanting and why I was choosing to favor the Gyokuro Karigane) and 100% lively REFRESHMENT! This Tea's color also sparkles like Perfect liquid Sunshine, each drop is like a lovely vibrant twinkling Sen Beam in my cup. I can take this Tea to 4 infusions if I wish. This is yet again proof HIBIKI-AN is the ONLY Tea Merchant I will ever Trust for my Teas because I promise that this "stem byproduct tea" is Truly better even on a multiple infusion than the very first infusions of other seller's actual True Tea Leaves which they have the nerve to label as "Imperial &/or Highest Grade." That just makes me laugh :D
Finally, I cannot help but quote another Reviewer here, Mr. Creitz, because he really wrote down incredibly 100% what I was trying to shortly sum up about this Sencha Karigane Tea and I absolutely agree with him! He said this Tea is like a "sweet, warm, tropical sea breeze." His description is spot-on in aroma and taste! If I were on the beach or want to just imagine I am, this is the Tea I'd instantly grab!!
And after a week of enjoying this lovely brew, I am happy to report that when using the lowest recommended temperature, and I even use lower temperatures since I often enjoy this lesiurely from my 500ml Dobin style pot (a seperate, small strainer is required when pouring into my cup, but if you decide on one of the very nice Dobins offered by HIBIKI-AN now you will be able to avoid that due to the finer strainers featured in these particular Dobin Pot Styles and I'm personally thinking of getting the very pretty, calm, and lovely looking ash glaze blue one) which allows the Tea to stay for a more prolonged Time in the Pot, in the water, and I have had no problems with caffiene or bitterness issues either. Everyone should give this Tea a try because it is very unique and wonderful to enjoy!
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Date April 24, 2013

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