Earthenware Kyusu (Teapot: 360ml)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This kyusu is really great! I received it as part of The Organic Japanese Green Tea Set as part of my very first order from Hibiki-an in order to easily get myself a proper kyusu. It is truly a total must-have item and I'm glad I chose this one because it is just too cute, I refer to it as my little friend and it reminds me of a nice little and cute turtle, frog, and toad all at once! :) I really like the color green so I was drawn to this kyusu when I first saw it and after I received it I could really appreciate the different shades of greens and various textures. It's got a very natural feel to it and reminds me that Tea really is an awesome, precious thing I'm lucky to enjoy, straight from Nature and the Earth which is really a wonderful miracle simply as-is without any additional things added ever, which makes it absolutely the best type of thing for you and perfectly fine thing to enjoy daily! I've used my kyusu to brew all sorts of Hibiki-an Teas- Sencha, Gyokuro, Sencha Fukamushi, and a few other Seasonal Teas such as a couple Shincha blends as well as the amazing Kuradashi Sencha this Autumn and it always does a fine job and easily cleans out. I have also used this kyusu to slow-brew Sencha Pinnacle by filling it with ice-cubes and it is a very enjoyable while being relaxing experience in the hot Summer. Sometimes very small leaves can get stuck in the mesh but I will just fill the kyusu with very hot water and soak it for awhile, then rinse. I have never had to use any type of cleanser or brush and usually the leaves only get stuck if I have done the ice-cube slow-brew method which takes awhile so the leaves get their chance to stick but since brewing that way isn't something I do all the Time, I don't usually have a problem with trapped leaves. I think this kyusu is the perfect size for myself but it would be nice to share with 1 other person.
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Date December 07, 2012

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