Chashaku (Matcha Spoon)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I agree with Mr. Nelson, who Reviewed below me. My Matcha stuck to each spoon I used, plastic being the worse! I drink alot of HIBIKI-AN'S Matcha Super Premium as well as bake with it so much, and just basically add it to everything from sprinkling it inside my occasional grilled cheese sandwich (some may consider that horrifyingly sinful but it tastes Great and it goes without saying is Great for me) to adding it to smoothies, other Teas especially Kariganes or softly coating a dusting over Sencha Superior and for an Extra Special treat I dusted a coating over the Limited Tencha offered last Summer (which I am getting excited about since the Harvest has arrived now so I super Hope Tencha is offered again this Summer!)
I really needed a good and BETTER way to gently scoop out the exact amounts of Matcha I wanted and this thin little Tea Tool is definitely Perfect! I put off buying it for a long Time but once I threw this into my order I realized the little bit of extra money was really worth it because I no longer worry so much over "wasting my Matcha" or sometimes picking up too much Matcha with other brand's "perfecTea spoons" then having to struggle inside my canister repeatedly trying to grab out the amount I want.
If you Love Matcha, definitely get yourself a whisk first, but then you'll realize how this sleek yet simple, lovely feeling, smooth bamboo Chashaku really pulls everything together in a naturally elegant way.
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Date May 05, 2013

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