Gyokuro Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I had tried it felt every Tea I could imagine me wanting to try from HIBIKI-AN already a cpuple months ago. Then came the Competition Grade Teas which were beyond awesome and delightful, and yet something kept telling me to try this grade of Gyokuro anyway. I think once I realized just truly how great their Sencha Superior Grade was for quality and value I was not concerned about the outcome of this Tea's Grade. I was wanting to enjoy my Gyokuro a bit differently than more careful kyusu or hohin brewing using the highest grades of Gyokuro. I needed a decent Gyokuro to use in my Dobin style Teapot which brews a larger amount of Tea for you to enjoy longer as well as pours some leaves into your cup through a rough strainer which I think is very pleasant to see swirling about in my cup enhancing the Tea's flavor and everything. I admit I do not wish to purchase Gyokuro shaded by Jikagise since I read it is not ideal for the Tea plant, so this grade was chosen.
I love this Tea! I think the amount recieved for the price is very fair and the quality is still very high and just perfect at this point. I drink this Tea in the afternoons and/or evenings using my larger Dobin Teapot and it is NEVER bitter. I know when I want a change from using Sencha Superior that this Tea is exactly what I want and need. The mouthfeel is pleasant and full enough to satisfy me when enjoying this Tea very leisurely, just relaxing or reading, or perhaps listening to music with my trusty friend Dobin Teapot! I think this Gyokuro Grade is the perfect choice to brew in Dobin using a very low, gentle warm water temperature. I also appreciate how, although not handpicked like my other grades of Gyokuro, a Tana canopy was used to shade the Tea which is best for the plants' growth and health. This Tea grade is exactly what I choose when I want to enjoy Gyokuro fully but not have to worry or stress over exact water temperatures or store away my Hohin set for a day I really need the comforts brewing with a Hohin does indeed bring but it is just not matching my mood or I just simply want more Tea to drink!
I highly recommend this Gyokuro to everyone since it delivers extremely well! Gokoh is a wonderfully yummy breed to enjoy with it's sweet and mellow aspects of flavor and aroma and this Tea will stay delicious beside you not ever once tasting even slightly bitter or "off" when you just want some very simple yet pleasing Gyokuro ready with you in your Dobin style pot. I'm thankful HIBIKI-AN offers us different grades of Gyokuro, and all of their Teas as well, to fit EVERY mood, occassion, Time, etc.
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Date February 03, 2013

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