Golden Celebration Matcha (40g/1.41oz)


Nickname Thorn   (United States)
Review I originally purchased this item along with the Golden Gyokuro Tea to share and celebrate with my GrandMom but that went all horribly wrong, so I ended up enjoying it myself! I had never had this grade of Matcha before and was extremely delighted to find it not at all bitter; it was very surprisingly sweet. It maybe tends to clump more so than the higher grades but that might just be due to the humidity and heat where I live even though I was sure to strain it. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone, even just to celebrate YOURSELF because you totally DO deserve that more often than you think you do! The gold flakes sway so pretty on the surface of the Tea and make me smile :)

HIBIKI-AN even included another beautiful bag with a sticker as well in my order so I could present it to my GrandMom when I was supposed to see her and I thought "Wow! HIBIKI-AN really ARE the BEST at everything Tea and SO CARING!" You guys really cover everything for us! Thanks again!!!
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Date May 20, 2017

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