HAKEME no YUNOMI (handcrafted Teacup: pair)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I just finally included these with my last order, along with the Summer 2013 Limited Tenchas. I literally have been wishing for this set of yunomi ever since I discovered this site... these were the first set I saw that I REALLY, REALLY felt captured by. I almost ordered them in my very first order as part of the set they come in with a kyusu but instead chose the Organic Tea Set because it was slightly less in price.

It makes no sense why it took me over a year to finally order them, but I can Truly say that these are my very favorite out of all my yunomi sets. I seriously and absolutely adore all of Mr. Tanii's work that I have seen or had the great Fortune of being able to hold and use, personally!

After just 1 glance I had to grab this little set up right out of the box, they really do come alive, and they feel more alive the more I use them! Last night, I stayed up all night just drinking an entire 1000ml Seasonal Iced Tea Pot of cold-brewed Tencha Super Premium out of 1 of these as I read... and these are quite small- both of them fit inside the same sized box about as the SEKICHUKA and the HYO SETSU HAKU multi-cups made by the same Artist.
So, needless to say, I was basically constantly refilling. But I did not mind that at all even for 1 second!
It was so much fun, enjoyable, and lovely!! Each refill was cool and refreshing and made the Tea seem incredibly Preciouse, like a magical elixer. These make you very mindful of your enjoyment of each and every sip of your Tea and of the Time as it passes.

These are exactly what I have been looking for and wishing for, I Love these! Thank you so much, HIBIKI-AN and Mr. Tanii !! This little yunomi feels like magic to me<3
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Date August 10, 2013

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