Gyokuro Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This Gyokuro Tea is simply GREAT! I invested in the wave patterned Hohin Set that used to be sold here a few months ago and have been enjoying this Tea during quiet and private moments during the past Summer. The Hohin set really reminded me of the beach, the shore, and how tranquil it is when you manage to be there alone, and when drinking this Tea from it I was able to more fully appreciate it. I liked to enjoy it when we were on the brink of one of those hot and humid Summer afternoon thunderstorms while it is growing dark from the surrounding clouds and enjoy my Tea I guess right in the calm before the storm. The flavor is mouthwateringly delicious and even more so when it's tiny leaves are poured into your cup from the Hohin. I was mostly drinking only cold/iced Tea due to the Summer heat, but when I treat myself to this wonderful Tea, I am never let down! It is so fresh, tastes so natural and pure, it is just wonderful! I can totally tell the difference between this and the Gyokuro I had purchased from another company before finding Hibiki-an! Even though I do not have the best water that is recommended, this Tea is always delicious! I will only buy my Green Tea from this site from now on! I will definitely repurchase this Gyokuro Super Premium again. Wow, the Pinnacle Grade must be magic considering how lovely this one is!
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Date September 24, 2012

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