ITO TEMARI and MATCHA AME(traditional candy)


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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review This review is only for MATCHA AME.

My recent order just arrived and I decided to try the MATCHA AME. I popped one into my mouth and it was just a HUGE Matcha flavor explosion! I was really surprised that I could really taste so much incredible, deep, Matcha flavor! I expected Matcha flavor, of course, because HIBIKI-AN only offers The Best items to us but I was still taken off-guard by just how MUCH is in these candies! There is a sweetness there that is candy-like sweet, but these are definitely all about the MATCHA! And they are a cute little shape, I admit I do not know exactly what the shape is but it reminds me of maybe a squash or something like that which we have been getting recently from our local farm because this is the Time of the Season for them to be ready and ripe to eat. (We actually tried a new squash recipe last night and it was really good, :) I love getting stuff from our local farm starting in Spring and on up until the end of the Season!) Maybe HIBIKI-AN will let me know exactly what this green, cute, little, yet huge on Matcha taste, shape this candy is? I like them a lot! If you like or love Matcha how I do, these will not disappoint you at all! I followed my candy with some Houjicha Karigane and it was a very pleasant pairing.

This review is only for MATCHA AME.
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Date October 10, 2015

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