Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I'm here to write another review on Hibiki-an's Matcha Super Premium because I can Honestly say that it really is something wonderful, and I would really be lost without it! Aside from drinking it in many ways- every way from my own little "Tea Ceremony" focusing on mindfullness of Health and the positive aspects of Life, to less "serious" ways of just enjoying the flavor daily, hot/warm/iced, blended with hot chocolate, fruit yogurt, etc. I also add it to countless foods such as the banana & peanut butter shake (this, when frozen is just like icecream!) to heated organic oatmeal along with some honey, baked items, and yes, even sprinkling it (some may find this absolutely sinful, but it's True) inside my grilled cheese sandwiches!! It really does and can go with anything and it's incredibly easy to use and to measure out the exact amount you'd like to taste/stengthwise.
I have continued to order this Matcha, usually always the large refill pack, each month when I place my monthly Tea order, and have found it to always be a consistently lovely Matcha that I wouldn't change from or trade for anything else!
Today, I really wanted to share a way that I have been enjoying it since the weather has gotten colder. It's just a new take on how I add a tsp sifted into my cold brewed Gyokuro Karigane 1,000ml glass pitcher that I always have on hand in the refrigerator. Since it's gotten chillier, I found myself drinking my morning or afternoon Matcha done up with hot chocolate and milk so it was a really nice, rich texture and very mellow sweet flavor. The other day I decided to make what seemed to be a very small change in my prep of Matcha and I really did not think I would notice any difference, really. But, I noticed a very nice one and wanted to share because it really took my Matcha Moment up some notches and resulted in an extremely satisfying drink that is extra sweet, mellow, full-bodied, incredibly relaxing, and all around wonderful! It's very easy: I substituted cold brewed Gyokuro Karigane (that had 1tsp Matcha added per 1,000ml water) for the water to prepare my Matcha. I heated the Karigane Tea just as I would my water, I thought using a lower/warm temp would be nice to keep all the mellow/sweet flavors present, and whisked that with my sifted Matcha. Wow! The foam created was extravagant and the bowl of Matcha was so buttery and creamy. Now, before bed, I have this and it's incredibly soothing and satisfying. It's very relaxing, I guess the Gyokuro Karigane gives it an extra Theanine boost (although I'm no chemist and do not know if heating the cold brewed Tea changes things like that) and it helps me feel warm and full- I cannot sleep if I feel even the tiniest bit hungry! -and I feel that when I wake up it helps in the body's rejuvenation, detoxifying, etc. If you have Karigane on hand why not try it, or substitute any Tea that you think will compliment the Matcha, it's a nice change and really adds a new dimension in flavor, feel, body, everything to your lovely Matcha Moment!
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Date October 26, 2012

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