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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review SUPER WOW for this 2015 Farmers' Blend! Ever since I discovered HIBIKI-AN during the Harvest in 2011 I'm pretty sure that I have included it in at least one of my Harvest Seasonal orders each year. Usually, I use less than recommended because I find it to be too strong and/or bitter.

But this year, wow, it IS SO SWEET!! I opened my packet and a very rich scent, like dark sweet chocolate surprised me. The leaves are a beautifully dark and rich green color, too. I decided to cold-brew it using only cold water then right into the refrigerator using the glass Tea Pot with the green top sold here, and allow it to steep overnight. When I have my very first glass of Tea the next day after cold-brewing this way it is just perfect, no matter which HIBIKI-AN Tea I choose (but my favorites to use are the Kariganes, including this one that contains sweet stems.)

Usually, I use less Tea leaves than instructed with this Tea, but I accidentally added more than I had intended into the Tea Pot on my first cold-brew. I was worried about it turning out too strong and/or bitter for my tastes, even though I still expected it to be a very refreshing brew, but I thought that maybe I'd messed up and would do better next Time. The next morning I was greeted by what I HONESTLY think is the GREENEST GREEN Tea that I have ever seen, besides Matcha! It was SO green that I was actually slightly shocked.

This extreme green color made me very curious to taste it finally and I was totally shocked and surprised yet again, but in a great way! This 2015 Farmers' Shincha is SUPER SWEET. In my opinion, that scent I'd smelled was what I was tasting. I've never had the Farmers' Shincha taste so sweet before. And I'd even added more leaves than usual. I'm glad I made that mistake because it brought out a very deep, almost like a dark chocolate sweetness, with other little hints of sweetness that seemed to me to be a floral, maybe like chrysanthemum, type of sweetness. The dark greenery, vegetable flavoring is still there and brisk and refreshing, too. All of those flavors came together and tasted so great! I was so happy about the Blend and the fact that I'd not ruined and wasted multiple brews as well as leaves!
The feeling this Blend gives me this year is HAPPY! Just seeing the brilliant bold green is fun and makes me excited to drink it. This Tea makes me feel energized, refreshed, exilirated, just everything feels more awake and happy and fun during and after drinking this. I could even take this to 5 steepings and the flavor was still going strong!

This is a DEFINITE favorite right now. I know in my review for Shincha Traditional I said that Tea was always and still my Harvest favorite... but then I opened this Blend, and this year the Farmers' Shincha is definitely giving the Traditional serious competition and I think I'll even say that this 2015 Farmers' Shincha is right up there with the Shincha Traditional.

Thank you SO MUCH, HIBIKI-AN for ALL YOUR VERY HARD WORK, EVERY SINGLE DAY. You give so much attention to your Tea plants, processing, finished product, customers, just EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY DURING THE HARVEST SEASON WHEN YOU ARE SO BUSY. I'm so happy and grateful that you share your Teas with us! Thanks again :)
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Date June 12, 2015

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