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Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I apologize for taking so long to write my review of this Tea, as it was first purchased as part of my first order (indeed, my first packettes were the most recent Shincha!) after having finally discovered this wonderful in so many ways site after years of drinking Black, Oolong, Green, White (Herb Blends also when wishing to completely avoid caffiene) Teas from different countries that I researched, searched for (with the help of my awesomely supportive Mom who never judges my very serious Love for Tea and all that comes with it!) and purchased through various stores and online shops...but they were all always oxidized to some degree, even my favorite Silver Needle White Tea which was the freshest of all my Teas, and just never seemed "new/fresh/invigorating" as I felt in my heart that Green Tea Truly aught to be. After buying a Gift Set of Four different Green Teas (which were labeled as having come from Shizuoka, I hope I spelled that right, with the claim that this area was known for harvesting the best quality Japanese Tea) named "Green Teas of Japan" from a local Tea retailer I had begun to frequent, I was able to finally experience Fukamushi Sencha Tea and it immediately became my favorite Tea of all! I tried to make my set's canister of this Tea last as long as possible since I soon discovered the retailer did not carry or sell it ever but this was definitely a blessing in disguise since it led me to HIBIKI-AN! After browsing this site I knew this was a geniunely Honest business made of people who were obviously incredibly knowledgable and refreshingly willing to share that knowledge to educate the World on Genuine Japanese Green Tea and details of Tea Culture, Tea Ware, Harvesting and the 4 Seasons at the Farm and in Japan. I fell in Love and immediately placed my first order. I felt so happy and blessed to have found HIBIKI-AN, and ordering Tea directly from the FARM where it was carefully grown and certainly treated as precious was an obvious no-brainer! The Fact that the location is Uji, Kyoto also definitely made sense after my reading. (I was already a Matcha lover, having been lucky that my first experience with it was not terrible at all as so many report, so I was SUPER excited to also order my Matcha from HIBIKI-AN!)
I apologize for my long introductory to my review, but since my first order and taste of HIBIKI-AN's Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium I have not looked back and will always purchase from them! Their Sencha Fukamushi Super Premium is incredibly delicious to taste and such a wonderfully elevated sensory, mind and body experience. I could IMMEDIATELY tell the many differences between the first brand I had really liked so much and this Tea, I could not believe how perfectly fresh and GREEN this was! I had not thought it was possible! I tasted an awesome, refreshing but still freshly sweet (like freshly cut/plucked Tea!) taste that was tempered by marine vegetal notes that were so mouthwatering. The Tea was a beautiful vividly clear green that had a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel that was full and buttery and so satisfying. I had not experienced this aspect before in a Green Tea and I Loved it, raving about it to my Mom! I have never had any bitterness when drinking this and it holds up so well to 3 steepings, and actually 4 or 5 if you want or need to make it last. I will never have any other Sencha Fukamushi except forr HIBIKI-AN's, now. I know there is no point because I know theirs is the best available and that I would just be disappointed if I tried to ever go back to drinking something else! If you're a fan of this type of Tea, definitely try this! The quality and value are rivaled by none!
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Date September 29, 2012

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