Sencha Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I received Sencha Superior as part of the FUROSHIKI Gift CONPEITOH Set. I drink Matcha definitely daily, as well as a coldbrewed Gyokuro Karigane Premium from Hibiki-an which I really love and then another type of Tea later in the day and choose it depending just on how I'm feeling that day. Although I often use my kyusu or hohin to more carefully brew smaller amounts od Tea, I have been enjoying my Teas in a larger pot (like the Dobin sold here) more and more since the weather has started to cool and I have been wanting warmer Tea. Hibiki-an's Sencha Superior is absolutely great for enjoying as an "everyday Sencha" since you get a very nice amount of really great quality Tea for a very reasonable price. This Tea's quality is way better than any other "highest grade" sencha that I have drank from any other company ever! And this isn't even Hibiki-an's higher grades! I was worried about my Tea going bitter, especially when using a pot like a Dobin, but even when I drink this I have never had it go bitter, even after it has stood in the water for a couple hours or have some leaves poured into my cup, which is awesome! This Tea has a lovely, soft, marine-like type of note that makes your mouth water and has a soft and smooth mouthfeel to it. It's got a refreshing "green" flavor and aroma. Although I really love the Pinnacle Sencha, I totally recomend this Tea to anyone who enjoys Sencha due to the freshness and incredible price. I feel it is a bit "softer," I guess not as "sharp" as the Pinnacle Sencha which can be a good thing if you sometimes get an upset stomach from Sencha. I was very surprised at how much I really love this grade of Sencha and how often I have found myself reaching for it. I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing Sencha Superior seperately in the future once I run out.
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Date December 07, 2012

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