Houjicha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I wanted to write to share a very nice Tea Blend I have been enjoying a few weeks now. I cold brew this Tea Blend in the refrigerater using the awesome glass limited Tea Pitcher that looks like a really big beaker, the 1 with the green top. This Tea is really great because it is so low in caffiene due to it being Karigane & also the cold brewing method using only cold water. I always have a conflict about enjoying Teas due to my very bad insomnia but I'm very thankful to HIBIKI-AN for teaching me cold brew methods.

The Tea Blend I make is half Houjicha Karigane + half Sencha Karigane (using the limited available Super Premium Houjicha Karigane makes this Tea even better!) + a small handful or so of White Chrysanthemum.
The Chrysanthemum floral adds a nice sweet lightness to the toasty warm of the Houjicha Karigane and the nearly tropical, mouthwatering tart yet sweetness of the Sencha Karigane. Even if you only blend the Kariganes, this Tea Blend I found, is Perfect for when you want a more substantial Tea or are craving a Black Tea but cannot have it for whatever reasons, caffiene or not...

I Love this Tea Blend as an all-day drink as well as into the night. It goes well with meals and I found it pairs extremely deliciously with a Pumpkin Spice Bundt or Pound Cake slice (or any other similarly pumpkin/cinnamon/Autumn Spices cake, cupcake, cookie or dessert.) The Autumn Spices are just lovely to set off the warmth of this Tea Blend and the compliment eachother very well. I like to dip my cake or cookie into my brewed Tea, even when it has been cold blended. Thanks, HIBIKI-AN!
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Date October 15, 2013

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