Iced Houjicha


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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I admit when I first tried this Tea I did not really enjoy it very much although I very much enjoy the Karigane version both hot and cold-brewed. I had tried this warm/hot only. But recently I decided to retry this, cold-brewed using only cold water from the start in the refrigerator, and found it to be a very nice "change of pace" Tea. It is different from all the other HIBIKI-AN Teas I usually enjoy cool or cold. I agree with the First Reviewer, I also found it to be a pleasant evening Tea enjoyed cold-brewed. It was a bit sweet but still had a robust enough flavor, and just tasted very different from my other Teas as well as this same Tea when brewed warm/hot. Sometimes Sencha can upset my stomach and I can't seem to predict when this will occur but it did not happen when this Tea was cold-brewed as it did when I drank it brewed with a higher water temperature. It did not keep me awake either, so I see no problem drinking this cold-brewed any Time of day for me!
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Date August 06, 2013

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