SHOAMI Hohin set (handcrafted Tea Set)

Hohin: 135ml (4.75fl oz) diameter: 3.35inch (8.5cm) height: 2.76inch (7.0cm)
Yunomi (pair): 45ml (1.58fl oz) each
Yuzamashi: 110ml (3.87fl oz)

Made by Shoami Takano

Hohin is a Kyusu without a handle and is used to brew only the highest grade of Uji tea. Hohin means "Treasure Jar" or "Magical Jar" in Japanese. It is said that high grade tea becomes more mellow in the Hohin.

Hohin is also for nursing your soul rather than for satisfying your thirst because the capacity is somewhat smaller than a basic Kyusu. The pour spout is made in a special way that allows tiny tea leaves to be poured together with the tea water. It is said that the poured tiny tea leaves enhance the flavor of the tea.

Therefore, Hohin should not be used for lower grade teas, Fukamushi Sencha, or tea leaves harvested in locations other than Uji in the Kyoto region. Hohin should only be used to brew the highest grade tea leaves grown in Uji in Kyoto, such as Pinnacle or Super Premium grade green tea at Hibiki-an.

The scenic beauties of Sumi-e ink painting, which are drawn on this Hohin set, showcase a traditional technique used for high class Japanese porcelain. It is requires elevated expertise to express perspective and subtlety only with contrasting density of cobalt blue. On the small surface of each component; mountains, lakes, trees, dwellings, a small Japanese boat, and so on are drawn gracefully.
The walls of each Yunomi of this set are very thin in order to enjoy the subtle flavor of excellent Uji tea. Just as a fine crystal glass can make red wine taste better, so too can a thin Yunomi improve the flavor of green tea. And of course, the inside of the Yunomi is pure white and drawn nothing in order to enjoy subtle color of the tea.

It is also a feature of using this Hohin set that the atmosphere becomes much more graceful and still. The beauty of the painting and enhanced flavor of the tea creates a relaxing atmosphere for your soul.

Specially packaged in a wooden box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.




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About the artist Shoami Takano

1941: Born in Kyoto.
1967 to 1992: Apprenticed until master craftsman Shoami for 25 years.
1992: Succeeded the Shoami and took over his kiln and name.
He is well-known for his porcelain in a wide range of table ware, including fine tea ware.
His techniques of underglaze in cobalt blue and printing, and his sophisticated forming technique are highly regarded even in the Kyo-Yaki industry, known for its outstanding technology and sophisticated art.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.
- When turning the Hohin to pour tea, you must hold the lid in place with your finger, otherwise the lid could fall off the pot and possibly get damaged. This is the usual way to pour tea with a Hohin.
- Please don't use to brew Fukamushi Sencha or tea leaves harvested in locations other than Uji in Kyoto. And please use this only to brew the highest grade tea leaves grown in Uji in Kyoto.

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