SENDAN Large Kyusu (Teapot: 900ml)

Dimension: 900ml (31.68fl oz)
Traditional Tokoname Yaki

This Kyusu we have selected for you is quite large in size, 900ml (31.7fl oz), perfect for 2 to 6 people. It is also suitable for brewing a large quantity of Iced Tea with cool water. This SENDAN Large Kyusu is a very classic and simple style.

The technique called SENDAN is used for the surface of this Kyusu. The craftsman is able to use this technique to create uneven patterns naturally using trimming tools when forming the Kyusu on the potter's wheel.

It has a fine mesh filter at the base of the spout of the Kyusu, so even tiny tea leaves, such as Fukamushi Sencha, will not escape from the Kyusu while you are pouring tea into a cup.

If the mesh filter is too fine, the aroma and taste can't be extracted enough and the filter can easily become blocked.

Our Kyusu mesh filter is the perfect size for all kinds of tea leaves.

This Kyusu is suitable for brewing a large quantity of tea for guests, one pot of tea for the day, or brewing just one cup flavorfully. This is quite a versatile Kyusu, perfect for all occasions and every type of Japanese tea.

Lead-free. Made in Japan.




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- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent. In that case, after using the chlorine detergent, we recommend you boil this item in water to remove the chlorine smell.
- When turning the Kyusu to pour tea, you must hold the lid in place with your finger, otherwise the lid could fall off the pot and possibly get damaged. This is the usual way to pour tea with a Kyusu.
- A clear plastic guard is placed over the tip of the Kyusu spout to protect the spout from breakage during transport. Before use, please remove the plastic guard.

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