MURAKAMI Balance Scale

wide: 7.68inch (19.5cm), depth: 3.15inch (8.0cm), height: 5.31inch (13.5cm)

One of the ways to accurately taste the quality of Japanese green tea is to use the right volume of tea leaves. Those of us in the Japanese green tea industry have been using a balance scale for measuring tea leaves for a long time. For those of us in the tea industry in Japan, a balance scale is an indispensable item for brewing high quality Japanese tea.

Products made in Japan are known for being high quality, and among them, measuring instruments made in Japan are extremely high quality. The MURAKAMI KOKI balance scales introduced here are among the best in Japan in terms of both quality and market share in the measuring instrument industry. MURAKAMI KOKI has been in business for more than 100 years, starting with the production of balance scales and now expanding its business to include the production of electronic measuring instruments. Although the upper pan balance scale is an analog measuring instrument, the precision of our MURAKAMI balance scale is comparable to that of electronic measuring instruments.

In addition to the quality of the Balance Scale as a measuring instrument, the metallic form and analog movement of this upper pan balance scale will capture the heart of anyone who uses it. The moment of measuring tea leaves with the Balance Scale is sure to make your green moment even more fulfilling, and increase your enjoyment of Japanese green tea.

Together with the Balance Scale, a set of precision weights suitable for full-scale weight measurement is also included. We hope that you will add the MURAKAMI Balance Scale used by Japanese green tea industry experts to your list of favorite tea utensils.




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-Balance Scale MS-50:
Made of high quality stainless steel and plastic

-Precision Weights:
Made of high quality stainless steel and plastic case
1 x 20g(0.71oz), 2 x 10g(0.35oz), 1 x 5g(0.18oz), 2 x 2g(0.07oz), 1 x 1g(0.04oz), 1 x 500mg(0.017oz), 2 x 200mg(0.007oz), 1 x 100mg(0.004oz), 1 x 50mg(0.002oz)


Precision instruments. A strong shock may cause errors in measurement.
Do not wash.

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