Organic Matcha (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Nickolas Knightly   (United States)
Review This is a great tea from a great company. Very good price and excellent quality. I have tried many matchas, but this is my favorite company. You know it's going to be good matcha as soon as you open the can. Actually, you are already anticipating this because the shipment comes very fast and is packaged in a lovely way. Their customer service is as good as their tea. When you open the tea it looks so fabulous. Emerald green! Heat up some water and whisk your first bowl: wonderful! Never bitter. Makes great "instant" iced tea too. Just put some cold water in a thermos, glass bottle, sigg bottle, or whatever, add however much tea you like, shake very well, and you're ready to go. Fill bottle half way first, then add tea and shake, then top it off (it mixes better that way). Put it in the freezer for half and hour to an hour to get it really cold (but don't forget it in there). You can make matcha martinis too if you add a little dash of tea to your shaker (you must shake hard or whisk some in a bowl with the alcohol first). Sometimes people say, "Matcha is too strong . . ." Hey! Don't put so much in the bowl! You can control the strength exactly as you like it. This is my favorite way to enjoy tea, and I say that even though I love tea of all kinds. A joyful and mindful way to start your day. You can put on some Haydn or jazz piano or shakuhachi flute music while you make it. Also a treat for tea time. Very delicious, very good for you, and this is a wonderful company too! If you don't have a whisk and a bowl, consider getting one from here. Beautiful bowls. Whisk is very important, so start with that if you're on a budget, then save up for a nice bowl--or two, or three. Enjoy your tea and enjoy your life!
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Date December 01, 2009

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